Like a Kid Again.

If you follow Denny Emerson’s page on Facebook ( Tamarack Hill Farm), you know he talks a lot about the younger demographic in the horse industry, as well as the basic concept of how good riders get good (he literally wrote the book on that topic). If you don’t follow him, well, you should. A … More Like a Kid Again.

The Mom Transition

I always wondered whether or not I really wanted to be a mother. Most of these thoughts were the musings of a much younger me looking ahead with plans for my life. However, even as I got married, got baby fever, even when I finally got pregnant, I wondered: “is this for me?” I think this … More The Mom Transition

Advice or baggage?

This post might also be titled: Preparing for Birth in Horse Show Terms. 😝 I had an epiphany last week while I prepare mind, body, soul, past lives, refrigerator, home, car, pets, family members, and whatever else I can get my hormonal hands on for the coming birth of this child. That is what I … More Advice or baggage?