Hi, I’m Emily. I would say hey y’all, I’m fixin’ to tell ya bout my life, but I’m not from around here, and neither is my husband W. We both grew up in traditional suburban towns, him in a suburb of Dallas and me in suburb of Chicago, and our paths crossed when we attended Purdue University together. Neither of us were ever farmers, and although I always dreamt of living on one, I doubt W ever thought this would be his life. But, here we are, W’s job in aeronautical engineering brought us to coastal South Georgia, where I quickly fell in love with the slower lifestyle of small town southern life.

We bought our first home near downtown Savannah, but as I began to collect horses, paying board for them as well as commuting to them daily became prohibitive and frustrating. We searched for nearly a year before finding a small amount of acreage already set up for horses, and made the rural town of Springfield, GA our new home in February of 2016. Luckily we found a diverse little community in our spread apart neighborhood, filled with everyone from good old boy Georgians whose entire extended family lives within five miles, to transplants just like us. And while I was born for this lifestyle, turns out all W needed was a tractor to play with and farm life suited him just fine.

So, when I say this lifestyle, what does that entail? Well, I don’t have a “real” job, because my day consists of running this farm. And no, it doesn’t make any money, but it does fulfill me and allows W to see home as a place of refuge from his hectic job. I’m like June Cleaver covered in manure, except I tend to let the laundry pile up sometimes and no, there isn’t always a hot meal on the table at the end of the day. So, forget the June Cleaver reference. I am just an unemployed woman covered in manure and loving it.

It would be easy to look at my life and assume I have no goals and I am a lazy freeloader, but I hope to give you a different image of those of us modern day women who choose to stay at home, with or without children. Moreover, I want everyone to know that I chose this way of life, with the support of my husband, and I feel lucky to be doing so. I wanted to invest my time making my home life more efficient rather than making barely over minimum wage (yes, even with a college degree) to contribute to someone else’s dream. I was very unsatisfied with my job, money was never a motivator for me, and a “career” was never something that appealed to me. What appealed to me was a happy home, marriage, and family life, and my husband and I decided we could cut out my income for this greater vision of happiness in both our lives.

I run my home like a business. I do the budget, I pay the bills, I shop, I clean, I launder, I organize, I cook, and I serve as the maid, lawnmower, and dog walker, sure. But I do all these things with urgency because on top of all of that I must also care for, feed, groom, turnout, muck, and exercise horses and keep on top of the long list of improvements we have planned on the farm. This includes but is not limited to painting, fence moving, repairing, and building, transplanting and installing landscaping, exterminating our many pests, pruning and trimming all of the things, renovating a disgustingly scummy hot tub, restoring and maintaining a fishing pond, cultivating extremely picky rose bushes, and… okay, you get the idea. I wear many hats, I am proud of this, I take extreme joy in my position in this household and in this marriage, and every night I fall into bed completely exhausted and ready to do it all over tomorrow.

Eventually, I would like this little farm to expand into a small business for myself. At the very least, I look forward to learning more about ways to live more off of my own land as I pursue goals training and competing my horses. Maybe someday I will also board horses or teach little kids and pass on this four-hooved addiction, but for now I am soaking in the fact that this little corner of paradise is my own personal canvas.

So, what will this blog be about? More specifically besides the general idea that yes, here is my life in writing, I want to depict my life of horses, small town living, and the process of striving for a more homestead-based, self sustainable life. This horse farm is my ultimate adventure, and I want to record my adventures and learning process as I expand it into whatever is end up expanding into.

Nice to meet you.