Empty Nesting

Yesterday was my first day of not having an equine in my front yard! It’s weird!

Winnie in her new 15 acre pasture, I don’t think she has enough room to share with her two other buddies… 

No worries, before I know it my hooved babies will be back, but Winnie was needed as a companion pony to round out an overly bonded pair at my best horsey friend’s farm, so off she went, and at a very convenient time for me, because…



I have been waiting oh so impatiently for these last few months to tick by and suddenly I am about to be full term (37 weeks) in only ONE WEEK. My mom arrives on the 14th to keep me sane, but at this point I am just terribly excited. My doctor is not helping my excitement by predicting I may be slightly early, as I do have a head down baby, a soft cervix and am starting to efface (apologies for the TMI, but these things are uber great to hear when you feel like a preggo elephant). A couple of weeks ago I went straight nesting crazy. Deep cleaned the house, rented a Rug Doctor for the carpets, packed my hosptial bags and put together my post partum “lady bits” kit, washed everything baby and primed cloth diapers, hung artwork in sad rooms that haven’t been decorated yet (even though we moved onto the farm a year ago), got guest rooms stocked and ready, am I forgetting anything? Answer: no. I am not forgetting a single thing. Today began a frenzy of freezer meal cooking as I near the finish line. I am READY.

Ready to meet my son, yes, but also for many other things: a DRINK, to RIDE, and even for LABOR itself. Yes, call me crazy. I had my last Hypnobirthing session with my doula yesterday, part of which was a hypnotic purge of birthing fears. I was highly skeptical of this but today I am walking around light as a cloud and as unpreoccupied by negative birthing thoughts as I could be. All I see is our beautiful birthing day!

But back to riding 😝. I was excited and uplifted to discuss with my trainer my desires of starting back on the ground with horses as a first priority post baby, and have her wholy embrace the concept. She will start me with supervised groundwork lessons with her tried and true lesson horses, progressing to sessions with Sully once I am comfortable. Then I will get back into the saddle again on her tried and trues, progressing to Sully in the saddle. Fingers crossed that I can realize my dreams of being back in the saddle by May and have Sully back home by June to ready us for some fall clinics and shows.

And how about Sully? He is being a rockstar, and it is a shame I have not been good at keeping up with his Sully Saturday updates. Stay tuned for this week’s update. I’m a proud mama.


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