Sully Saturday: letting go of the reins

This week’s episode of Sully Saturday: my trainer learns that pregnant Emily is a bit nutty!

Haha the situation was really not that bad, but I do get daily updates in journal form on how he’s progressing, and happened to mention something about “I’m not sure what his right stifle thinks it’s doing” at the end of last week. One little contemplative comment on her part launched me into a worry fest and unfortunately left her with several panicked texts from me. Oh, pregnancy, you are great.

Mom might be crazy, but Sully enjoys his friends at bootcamp.

It is not uncommon for young horses to have weak stifles, and Sully had some very apparent “popping” or “sticking” action in his right stifle last fall that prompted us to focus on Estrogen therapy as well as straight line exercises. We noticed a great improvement within a few months so it was like great, it is just a strength thing! And since Sully has been out of work for over six months, my brain should’ve reached this conclusion a second time. Instead I got myself in a tizzy of thinking my horse is completely broken with popping locking stifles and my life was over.

Luckily my trainer calmed me down with “how about lets try some massage and bodywork to keep him comfortable while he build strength and get the vet involved if we acually see a problem”. Thank you for being level headed in my insanity. And for not mentioning anything further about his stifles in any of the journal updates since 😂.

One thing that is difficult for me is relinquishing control when it comes to my horses, and this is something I presently have to do with Sully with everything going on. I have to really get comfortable with not always being there to analyze an issue or possible issue firsthand because this is my reality until June!

Look at that big boy wearing a dressage saddle! (yes, I like teal haha)

And training wise, I am so happy with how he is doing. Last time we put him in full training it was such slow progress, probably due to his baby baby age, and this time around he seems to have much more focus and willingness. The absence of ulcers also helps.

Presently he is learning to stretch down to poll pressure, to chew and soften with bit pressure, and lunging in tack with side reins. A video clip for your viewing pleasure!




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