How horse addicts fund their habit.

I came across this article on Eventing Connect on the horse person’s budget and was laughing and vigorously nodding through the entire thing. Anyone else?

The readers digest version of the article: we horse people aren’t typically more wealthy than the average joe. We are pretty much poor as dirt, eat Ramen, and drive junkers. However take a gander at our tack rooms and horse barns and it is immediately apparent where all our money goes.


Since W is not a horse person, the first few years of horse ownership during our marriage were peppered with monetary conflicts. If it were up to me we would live in our car parked next to the barn. Or better yet, we would live in the barn and just call it a day. He was not so thrilled with that idea. Really though, we are lucky that he is not only a great provider but also a saver (or money hoarder, due to my very opposite tendencies) or we would be in massive debt with two $30k horses, a gorgeous new trailer, custom saddles… and be living in a tent.

It still confuses lots of people, especially W’s coworkers who have a rough idea what he makes, that we have a farm and horses. It comes down to exactly what the EC article describes. While many other wives in the company have new car payments on luxury SUVs, designer purses, bling, and get their hair done twice a month, I have none of those things. We buy every car used with cash, usually from our parents cast of rejects. I have used the same purse since before W and I started dating, and I got it as a gift in the first place. Jewelry outside of my engagement ring will never get worn anyway (I don’t need anything getting caught up while I ride or muck!). As for my hair… trim my own, color my own (although I do get professional dyes, still under $20 bucks every coloring), and at the end of the day if my hair has been free from a ponytail it must be a wedding. Like my own wedding. On top of all that, because we moved out into the boonies and took my horses out of boarding, our monthly horse bills plus the mortgage are actually less than what we were paying for half the house on a postage stamp in the city.

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But it’s what addicts do, right? Live completely skint in every other area but their addiction. I’d rather mine be horses than drugs, just sayin’.


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