New year, new farm projects: Barn Interior

I have been so hyperfocused on the horses and my own heavy stuff, I haven’t given myself the chance to post an update on our next steps for the farm! Unfortunately for W, massive downtime leads to massive amout of time to dream up more things to add to his honeydo list. Just what a soon to be new father needs on his plate 😈.

Over holiday break W accomplished a huge project indoors by retiling my laundry room floor. Still need to add the trim back, switch out the florescent lighting, and replace the cabinets and counters (none of which was in the original project scope, but alas, while you are ripping out floors…) but I am so happy to have the sherbert green peel and stick tile gone and real tile in its place.

While W was busy tiling, I was drawing up plans for the barn interior and pricing out the extensive improvements. I think we should be able to reach my dream status for my little 3 stall personal barn for under 1k, plus costs associated with running some plumbing and making some electrical changes.

Current stalls inside our 36’x36′ barn

The barn currently has two 12×13 stalls and a fully empty side opposite the stalls minus the well tank and a ladder up to the hayloft. I have some random plumbing from the well to cope with, but overall I have a good clean slate. I think W counts his lucky stars that due to the piping coming up through the floor I can only manage to squeeze one more stall (two if I completely reconfigured the present two stalls, which I’d rather not tackle) into the barn rather than being able to create the five stall barn I had initially schemed 😂 (fill all the empty space with horses!!!).


The lowdown on the barn changes depicted in the diagram:

  • Adding Stall #3: The third stall will be a standard 12×12 sandwiched in by two stud framed walls covered in shard boards. The present two stalls were built by people who had never built stalls before, so they aren’t something I want to copy – everything was built way more complex than needed making it difficult to replace wood when it gets chewed or kicked. I do plan to reproduce the rough sawn pine 2×6’s on the stall front of the third stall, as well as black stall bars to match.
  • Repurpose extra doors: There are sliding stall doors placed in the exits out to the sacrifice area that don’t make sense to me (I am also just waiting for a bruised foot from the fact there are metal brackets on the floor inside the stalls to help the door track straight. Eeek. Did I mention non horse people built this crap?). I will take those both out and replace them with stall gates with yokes that swing, then be able to use one of the sliding doors on the front of my new stall!
  • Tack room: to the right of my third stall, where the well tank is located, I would like to wall off an enclosed area for my tack room. The dream will be for this space to also have a ceiling (otherwise having a front wall on it is pointless, it will get just as dusty and musty as when my tack is out in the barn), but for some reason W found this difficult to build so I may have to wait on this and/or strengthen my resolve and argument for needing it haha! Inside will be my bridle and saddle racks, shelving, tack trunk, pretty things, and we will add in a utility sink.
  • Create a grooming stall: The 10’x12′ area between the two current stalls has become my dumping ground for my tack trunk, saddle racks, bridle racks, and random crap. I’d like to clear out this area of all my racks and junk once I have my tackroom, hang crossties, and designate it a crosstie grooming area. Its a nice size so horses can’t turn themselves around on the ties. The stall walls surrounding it have two 4′ bar sections on each. I may remove one of these bar sections from each stall wall to repurpose in the new stall and fill the spaces with wood, allowing me to have more wall space to hang blankets and muck tools. I desperately need more useable wall space.

All other things in my diagram are pretty much in place. I will just need to get a plumber and electrician in to add some more spigots and move some outlets. The open feed area will benefit by having the stall wall for me to hang more stuff on.

I am just really looking forward to having the interior of my barn work for me instead of against me! The third stall so pony has a place to come inside if/when we get another horse and a tack space free of hay, dirt, and animal poop will be a godsend. I am hoping to have these improvements before Sully comes back home in the summer, but we will see! There’s a chance we might be a little focused on the human baby.


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