Going for goals in 2017.

In my last post I talked about weird, weird 2016. I went in with no plan and came out with 12 months full of strange.

With the end of pregnancy less than 3 months away, I am so ready to sink my teeth into a new year. I didn’t feel any urgency to set and attack goals last year, but my injury and preggo downtime has given me a lot of time to reflect, contemplate, and charge up. Today I am sitting here with a hell of a lot of determination to stop loafing and start climbing my own personal riding ladder.

Let’s talk specifics! Goals for 2017, commence.

  • Get back into the saddle post pregnancy and post confidence shattering injury, and grow. Sully starts full training next week with my dressage trainer after six months off, and I want to be back in a saddle by May (my due date is March 30th). I have lots of support from husband to help make that happen. I will most likely start back with lungeline lessons on my trainer’s lesson horses, and progress to lessoning on Sully when he and I are ready. The plan is to keep Sully at my trainer’s place until about June or July so I can feel confident about his basic training and my own competencies. Then I look forward to getting him back home and adding some reintroductions to jumping while I continue to trailer him regularly to my trainer’s for dressage lessons.
  • Find a jumping coach, near or far. I have very few options for jump trainers in my area who aren’t extremely wrapped up in the d-r-a-m-a. I do not like getting caught up in all the insecurities and possessiveness they have when it comes to clients – I don’t like getting pidgeonholed on one side! I have literally experienced a trainer gossiping to me about other area riders and trainers on our very first lesson together. Very toxic. I may decide to travel regularly up to Aiken to train with someone outside of the fishbowl. It is a 1.5 hour commute but may be well worth it, depending on what I can figure out for daycare or weekend lessons in order to make those trips possible.
  • Achieve entry level certification for riding instruction. This is one that terrifies me! I really would like to start teaching beginner lessons, and have an opportunity to start as my friend’s nearby boarding business begins kicking off throughout the next year. I would like to start my journey down this path with some sort of certification followed up by some guinea pig lessons with pals and hubby to help me organize my lesson plans and boost my confidence. I have my eye on at least testing for Assistant Instructor level certification through ARIA and looking into how I could manage to attend a more intensive program such as CHA. I tend to be very meek when it comes to my ability to teach, despite having participated in many horse camps (albeit many years ago), so another related goal would be to step out of my comfort zone and stop doubting myself. I have opportunities and after 20 years of taking the back seat, I need to rise to them!
  • Attend clinics as an auditor. This just won’t be my year abound with opportunities to jetset Sully to clinics once a month, but I do want to start attending more clinics and find I sometimes learn just as much on the sidelines. My goal is to attend 4 clinics as an auditor. This is even something I can start to do while I am waiting to pop this baby out! I have my eye on a few happening in January and February locally.
  • Attend just ONE schooling show before 2017 comes to a close. Even though I won’t really be riding until June, and who knows when Sully and I will get back in sync, I think this is a more than reasonable expectation. At the very least I can catch the very start of winter shows up in Aiken to get back in a ring.

That’s a wrap! Despite my days getting a little mopey about still being sidelined and pregnant, I am enjoying looking forward. Raise a glass of sparkling cider I wish was tequila and let’s toast to the new year ahead! 🍾🍻


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