Sidelined from the saddle to-dos

If you haven’t noticed, I am getting a little antsy in my pregnancy by now. I don’t know if I have read What to Expect cover to cover enough times now, or am almost done decorating the nursery, or have checked and rechecked my registry so much even I have tired of looking at it, or I am finally comfortable with what has to happen for this infant to leave my body – but my brain is ready for new stimulation that doesn’t revolve around baby.

And before pregnancy, that was horses. After pregnancy, yes of course I will be enamored with our newborn baby boy, and busy being a new parent, but I am sure it won’t take long before I am longing to feel like myself again and nothing says Emily quite like four hooved feet and an hour in the saddle. It’s an addiction you just don’t kick.

So for my own entertainment, and because I love to obsess horsey these days, let’s talk things that us horse obsessed can do when time in thr saddle is not an option – whether it be pregancy, or human injury, or horse injury, or money, or all of the above like me this past year. Please god, do not let this happen again.

  • Read: I find this is my go to because I love to read. Blogs or books, doesn’t matter, it’s all great. Currently on my reading list is going back to basics and reading some of my pony club manuals. My husband has been asking me to educate him better on handling the horses and horsey basics and what better way than to turn to the USPC. I also love reading what others are working on with their horses in their blogs, although I will admit, kind of brings that green monster out.
  • Sell & Shop: Let’s all be real, when we clean out the barn to purge ourselves of old items or things we never use, it’s because we already have that money spent in our brains. I love gathering up stuff to sell, popping it on ebay, then turning around and populating my Smartpak wish list while I wait for the bids to come in.
  • Barn “Spring Clean”: So I know it isn’t spring, but days like today when we are having ridiculously mild temps, if you can get into the barn and clean, I love the feeling. At week 26 of preggoness I go much slower but I still feel capable of mucking, leaf blowing, and of course,  rearranging. All great outlets for my burgeoning nesting rituals. Last month I was able to finally hang all the bridle, saddle, and blanket racks up in my barn that had been festering in the garage for months. I still need to cleanse my trunk and find a better system for my first aid and grooming supplies. Organize all of the things!! Deep clean the tack!! Oh so much fun!
  • Groundwork: Every horse needs it. Not many of us like it. I don’t trust myself to tackle this task right now with Sully, because of the nature of my accident with Emma has made me very unconfident in handing horses on the ground, hence Sully is going off to get his groundwork on with an experienced professional. My little companion pony, Winnie, however, is a small enough package that I plan to start really getting down to business with her. After all, someday my son might want to ride a pony. It’s probably not going to be the case, he’ll probably want to do something I have zero interest in, like broadway theatre or programming video games. But a mother can hope. And prepare the pony.
  • Plan: This is my favorite. I love to plan and there is so much to plan when it comes to horses. I giggle with glee when my new Smartpak calendar comes in the mail and I can go online and lookup all the shows and clinics I need to put on the schedule and pretend I am going to do all of them. Also a fun plan if you are about to get back to saddle work sooner than I, is establishing a fitness program for your horse. Equine Fitness Program is one of my all time favorite books that step by step helps you assess your horse, create a plan, and lays out great exercises all on handy removable flash cards.

Have you ever experienced a long period when you were unable to ride? If it was more extreme than “I just didn’t have to time to get in the saddle”, how did you busy yourself?

Also, 127 days until I hope to be back in the saddle. I’m counting, I’m totally counting.



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