Holidaze & future wonderings

Since Emma departed yesterday I have been a little up and down. I go through a stage of feeling as though a weight has been lifted, to wondering if I will regret my choice, to a tearful moment when I see her name on the feed board but no longer have to prepare her bucket. For the most part, however, I have been trying to steer myself towards optimistic thoughts about the future of horses actually in my possession, Sully & I, and the now wide open expanse of limitless potential that lies in 2017 and beyond.

Sully heads into full training a week from tomorrow and I am very pumped about seeing him blossom. Last time I was antsy while he was away for 60 days because I was without a horse to ride and I wanted quick progress that I wasn’t seeing and wasn’t going to see with the unknown problem of ulcers cropping up and, oh yea dude, he needed a lot of work! More work than my naive little mind realized when I bought a fresh 3 year old two months removed from the track! My dressage trainer takes a lot of time ensuring every single milestone is hit before moving onto the next thing, and I just impatiently wanted my horse to be rideable, yesterday. Oh, such sweet stupid me. This time around we are going in armed to prevent ulcers and my patience is vast. I have learned more about the time it takes to properly train up a baby horse, that skipping steps will come back to bite you in the ass, and I have to wait until April or May to ride again anyways with being pregnant, so I have no choice!

loafing with your girlfriend in lush pastures of rye are over, fatty (Sully is stage right, if you can’t tell from the fatty reference, which is understandable, Emma was not exactly slim either)

I will be getting several updates a week on how his sessions go and will update on here as he progresses. I anticipate at least a couple months of groundwork will be needed all over again before starting under the saddle because of all his time off. However, he may be much more responsive to my trainer’s confidence versus my extreme lack atm, so he could surprise us.

Thinking about the future also gets me thinking about my own March birthday (something I probably would not be thinking of since it is also Baby J’s due date, but MIL asked what I wanted) and what types of equipment I need to refresh for my debut back in the saddle. It will be pretty much a full year since I was seriously, several days week-ly, riding, you guys. I need the stuff.

A few ideas:

  • Tall boots – I currently have my slim calf field boots on ebay, since I had to really work the boot stretch before pregnancy, and after I anticipate they will just laugh at me when I try zipping them up. My stiff dressage dress boots need a small repair but they will do the trick hopefully for awhile.
  • Helmet – I did buy a new vented Tipperary schooling helmet a couple years ago when Sully threw me and my old helmet separated into two pieces (luckily was not my head, wear your helmet). It’s sleek and brown and makes me feel tres cool and sporty. However, I haven’t updated my show helmet from the velvet IRH one I have been showing in since high school. That’s over a decade ago. There is no longer velvet on the visor rim, and I keep coloring it in with permanent marker. Don’t lie, you’ve done it too.
  • Half chaps or tall schooling boots – again, still riding in the same brown leather and black suede half chaps I bought in high school. At least I have two pairs to alternate? I already replaced the under foot elastic on the brown ones because it was so old it disintigrated. I think something meant to be durable is old when it literally breaks down on a molecular level. But what I really want is a pair of brown Mountain Horse or Ariat tall boots, because, #prettythings.
  • XC vest – after getting a hoof to the gut, I have contemplated wearing mine around just while brushing horses, but the zipper is starting to fray and I fear for it’s longevity. I could easily replace the zipper myself, but I bought it second hand to begin with, so maybe it’s time to get one I actually picked out myself.

What’s your vote? I am thinking helmet, but honestly, I don’t even know what helmets are in style anymore. Are Charles Owens still popular? Are rich kids still doling out 800$ on a GPA? Update me on what I have been oblivious too…

Happy holidays everyone, stay away from the daze like me, and I hope your horse got you something good.


2 thoughts on “Holidaze & future wonderings

  1. Hi, I’m Tom, nice to meet you. As an equestrian photographer my choice would be a new helmet. It’s the only thing people notice on the rider. Everything else is all about the horse. Helmets have come way down in price over the years because there are so many companies making them now, so shop around and get something you like…as long as it conforms to the rules. Happy Holidays. 🙂


    1. Nice to meet you Tom! Thanks for your input you are so right. I have noticed the dramatic drop in helmet prices – thank heavens, at least something that has to do with horses is going DOWN in price! 😂 Hope you are having a nice holiday. I am enjoying your blog & photography.


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