The Cast

For some reason as I started envisioning this post to introduce you to the characters (mostly animal in nature) in my life, the Brady Bunch theme song popped into my head.

♫ So, here’s a story, of a married lady… ♪ ♫

Me, Emily

I am in my late 20’s, and identify as a horse addict. This is my blog. You’re welcome.

My husband, W

He and I met in our last years in college at Purdue University, and were married after two years of dating in 2012. He works as an engineer and his career has settled us in South Georgia. He enjoys golfing (the type with the clubs and also with Frisbees), camping, beaching, woodworking, and telling me that I can no longer have any more additional animals. He used to be an avid swimmer and trumpet player, which are both hobbies he is wanting to revive, except I keep giving him annoying farm tasks to do.

♪ ♫ Who you may think sounds like an equine hoarder… ♪ ♫


Emma was my first horse post-college, and she was given to me by a previous riding trainer. We planned on just pleasure riding, but as we began to figure out her specific needs and she really started to flourish in training, my dreams got a little larger. We were preparing to start achieving some lofty competition goals when she had a pasture accident and fractured her elbow, ultimately ending her riding career. It is now a little over a year since that accident and she is my gorgeous pasture pet whom we are hoping to successfully breed (she is a very well bred Hanoverian mare and had her first baby two years ago).


Sully was a whirlwind purchase of a young OTTB who I added to my herd after Emma’s injury. I bought him at age 3, and now he is a very opinionated 4 year old ball of smarts and spunk who is teaching me a lot about training horses and also making me often feel like I have no idea what I am doing (which is only 25% true). If he could talk, his training sessions would all start with a heated discussion about how I just don’t understand him and what he is going through. Teenagers, I tell you.


Winnie is our sassy 9 hand third addition to the herd who I adopted from a local rescue as a companion pony for Emma, and is serving that purpose perfectly. She is three or four and hasn’t had the most cushy past, so I am working with her slowly to trust humans again and hopefully will soon have her learning under saddle.

♪ ♫ And her hoarding sure doesn’t end there, but she is ne-ver al-one… ♪ ♫


Juno, or “June”, “Junebug”, or “JuNO!” is my five year old black lab who came into my life on Christmas Eve in 2011 during my time working at a local animal hospital. The clinic used to serve the county’s animal control, and she had been hit by a car and likely did not have a good future. I decided I couldn’t live without her and she is now the happiest three legged farm dog there ever could be.


Kiesh kitty was also a product of animal hospital employment, and I adopted her when a client passed away from bone cancer. She is a middle aged Maine Coon who is adored by my husband so much that I am often the #2 woman in his life. C’est la vie.

The Little Ones

We also have a solo male lovebird, Harry, and a tiny turtle, Liam. I wasn’t allowed to have pets growing up, okay!?


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