Que Sera

When we first moved to the new farm in February, I was overwhelmed with how much time I would get to just spend with my horses, being able to provide their day to day care, and no longer having to commute 45 minutes to the barn every day. Don’t get me wrong, I am still … More Que Sera

The Farm

When we set out to find our new farm home, I had a lot of very lofty ambitions. I wanted at least 20 acres of land and to build everything exactly how I wanted it: ten stall barn, wood fenced pastures, custom home, the works. Well, dreams met reality and also the compromise of marriage … More The Farm

The Cast

For some reason as I started envisioning this post to introduce you to the characters (mostly animal in nature) in my life, the Brady Bunch theme song popped into my head. ♫ So, here’s a story, of a married lady… ♪ ♫ Me, Emily I am in my late 20’s, and identify as a horse addict. … More The Cast


Hi, I’m Emily. I would say hey y’all, I’m fixin’ to tell ya bout my life, but I’m not from around here, and neither is my husband W. We both grew up in traditional suburban towns, him in a suburb of Dallas and me in suburb of Chicago, and our paths crossed when we attended … More Introductions